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Napa Valley Insider Podcast - Episode 1: Sanho

Join us on the Napa Valley Insider Podcast as Sanho shares his journey and insider knowledge about Napa Valley's wine and hospitality scene. Tune in for inspiring stories and expert insights!

Welcome to the Napa Valley Insider Podcast!

In our debut episode, we sit down with Sanho, a prominent figure in Napa Valley's vibrant community. Sanho shares his unique insights and experiences, offering listeners a rare glimpse into the heart of Napa Valley's culture and industry.

Napa Valley Insider Podcast Episode 1 Sanho 01

Episode Highlights:

  • Personal Journey: Discover Sanho's inspiring journey and how he became a key player in Napa Valley.
  • Industry Insights: Gain valuable knowledge about the local wine and hospitality industries from an insider's perspective.
  • Community Impact: Learn about the initiatives and projects that are making a positive impact in our community.

Whether you're a long-time resident or a visitor eager to learn more about Napa Valley, this episode is packed with stories and information that will captivate and inform you.

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Sanho, a Napa Valley local, blends hip-hop, rap, and freestyle, influenced by Mac Miller and Bob Marley. Performing at venues like Porchfest and Blue Note, he's set for BottleRock 2024. Insta: @sanho1

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