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Napa Valley Insider Podcast - Episode 7: Drew Dickson

In our seventh episode, Drew Dickson, owner of Napa Valley Paddle, discusses his journey, the transformation of the Napa River, and how his business integrates adventure with wine tourism. Tune in for captivating stories and insights.

In our seventh episode, we sit down with Drew Dickson, owner and founder of Napa Valley Paddle. Drew shares his journey from growing up in Napa Valley to establishing a thriving paddleboarding business. He discusses the Napa River's transformation, his innovative tours, and how his company connects visitors with Napa's natural beauty and wine culture.

Episode Highlights:

  • Personal Journey: Learn how Drew's love for water and adventure led him to create Napa Valley Paddle.
  • River Restoration: Discover the extensive efforts behind the Napa River's cleanup and its impact on local tourism.
  • Business Insights: Understand how Napa Valley Paddle offers unique experiences that combine outdoor adventure with wine tourism.

Whether you're an adventure seeker or a wine enthusiast, this episode offers fascinating stories and valuable perspectives on exploring Napa Valley in a whole new way.

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Drew Dickson

Andrew Dickson is the Owner of Napa Valley Paddle. He is a lifelong water enthusiast, fly fisherman, winemaker, and second-generation Napa resident.

Napa, CA