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Live Entertainment in Napa: Inaugural Cookbook Fest Brings Culinary Stars to Downtown Napa This June

The first-of-its-kind, three-day festival merges the worlds of literature and gastronomy, uniting renowned authors, celebrated chefs, and enthusiastic food lovers from around the country.

Cookbook Fest: A Reading of This Article

Over the course of three unforgettable days, Cookbook Fest will offer a whirlwind of delectable experiences, captivating activities, and exclusive events, all designed to ignite the senses and nourish the soul. The festival is a collaboration between Salt + Spine, the leading cookbook podcast; Feast It Forward, the lifestyle brand of the entertainment platform Feast.Network; and Feed Your People, which creates community-building live food events.

“Cookbook Fest is unlike anything you’ve seen before,” says festival co-founder Brian Hogan Stewart, host and creator of the Salt + Spine podcast. “We are thrilled to be celebrating the people behind cookbooks—from authors to designers to photographers and more—and bringing the stories behind cookbooks to life through various mediums. From live podcast recordings to hands-on conversations in the kitchen, I can't wait to see the energy and hear the conversations that emerge."

“From globally-inspired dishes to treasured family recipes, there's a story and a feast for everyone at Cookbook Fest,” says festival co-founder Katie Hamilton Shaffer, creator of the Feast.Network and Feast It Forward. “I'm absolutely thrilled to bring our festival atmosphere to life as my property provides an energetic playground for national brands to thrive and directly engage with consumers through our network. We’re excited for guests to take a seat at our table by stepping into the kitchen alongside chefs and authors—a full-sensory experience for anyone fascinated by food."

“At Cookbook Fest, we're celebrating the ways in which cooking and cookbooks bring us together,” says festival co-founder Leslie Jonath, a veteran publishing professional. “This festival is our chance to put the spotlight on cookbook authors’ talents and celebrate the joy and culture they bring us with their recipes."

In its debut appearance, Cookbook Fest promises a culinary extravaganza and a boon to the thriving heart of Napa Valley. With its blend of literature and gastronomy, this festival is poised to become a cornerstone of the summer entertainment scene and draw visitors from around the country. Beyond the drool-worthy programming, Cookbook Fest serves as a catalyst for tourism, bolstering local businesses and the economy. By adding another chapter to the success story of Napa Valley, this event ensures its place as a premier destination for food lovers and travelers seeking unforgettable experiences. 


On the festival’s main day, Saturday, June 22, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with cookbook authors, chefs, and podcasters in a range of intimate programming and live streaming conversations, including:

  • Live main-stage recordings of top food podcasts including The Sporkful (hosted by Dan Pashman), Everything Cookbooks (hosted by Andrea Nguyen, Kate Leahy, and Kristin Donnelly), Loading Dock Talks (hosted by Preeti Mistry), Copper & Heat (hosted by Katy Osuna), and Salt + Spine (hosted by Brian Hogan Stewart).
  • Keynote conversations with visionaries such as Bryant Terry, Martin Yan, and Tyler Florence, and a special live stage event with Last Meals host, Mythical Chef Josh Scherer.
  • “Ingredient Interviews,” the festival’s unique, hands-on culinary demos in the Feast.Network studio kitchen (hosted by Katie Hamilton Shaffer), exploring the cross-culture nature of ingredients with featured chefs plus tips and tricks for home cooks.
  • A featured multi-media storytelling event, “California Headnotes, which will bring Golden State cookbooks to life through first-person author narratives.
  • A “Sweet Shop” featuring bites from cookbook authors Kristina Cho and Jessie Sheehan.
  • Cookbook-related culinary offerings, including a pizza and salad bar lunch featuring recipes from recent top cookbooks like Khushbu Shah’s AMRIKAN, a cookbook-inspired paella dinner party, and more.
  • Book signings by featured authors in the “Book Village,” presented in partnership with Omnivore Books.
  • The “Industry Index Salon,” a space dedicated to programming designed for those working in food media and cookbook publishing, along with a party to celebrate cookbook authors in attendance.

Full programming details, additional speakers and sponsors will be announced in the coming weeks. Brands interested in activations and sponsorship opportunities may connect via email

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Katie Hamilton Shaffer

Katie Hamilton Shaffer, founder of Feast it Forward, moved to Napa Valley 19 years ago to blend her passions for food, wine, and philanthropy.

Napa, CA