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How Influencers are Transforming Wine Marketing

Wine marketing is evolving as influencers use social media to bridge the gap between wineries and younger consumers by sharing personal, relatable wine stories.

Paige Comrie Reads This Article

Wine needs a refresh. It’s been slowly getting there, but there are still miles to go between what younger consumers, like Millennials and Gen Z, want and what we’re giving them as an industry. 

As Wine with Paige, people often describe me as an “influencer”, but I’ve never fully aligned with that term. I’m a storyteller. Social media just happens to be my medium of choice, at the moment. 

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing, particularly for a product like wine that is often sold as a lifestyle product. While no one truly needs wine, they do need a personal connection to your brand to be motivated to purchase. This personal connection is what social media can help wineries establish and maintain.

According to recent studies, 40% of regular wine drinkers in the US said they trusted social media for wine information and recommendations. That figure rose to 52% for younger Gen Z drinkers (21-24 years old), who are significantly more influenced by social media when it comes to wine choices.

Social media marketing and influencer partnerships can be a powerful tool for wineries, when used correctly. 

How is wine marketing changing with influential wine personalities?

Wine Influencers curate a set of wines and experiences for their audiences. They pull back the curtain and share authentic stories. They talk about what resonates with them and create meaningful connections with people who align with those same feelings.

Social media has made it easier than ever for wineries to reach their ideal audience. However, it's crucial to know who that audience is and what they want. This understanding is the key to developing a unique point of view, working with the right influencers for your brand, and creating content that resonates with them. 

How do you balance winery partnerships and native discovery of wines? 

As a full-time digital storyteller in the wine industry, I’m so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to try an incredible breadth of wines and experiences. 

For my Instagram content, I’m really focused on creating audience-centric content – what experiences, wines, and stories, would excite my followers the most? What gets me most excited? Those are the things I choose to share about. 

I never share anything I’m not truly in love with, and that helps keep my feed feeling authentic and builds trust with people who choose to follow me. 

What’s your hot take on Millennials and Gen Z wine consumption?  

We just want wine to be fun. We don’t care about the rules or the ratings in the way previous generations did. I think we’re more likely to pop Champagne on a random Tuesday, enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon with Salmon, or get excited by something like a rose fermented with lavender (which I had recently, and it was so good!)

How can wineries do a better job connecting with younger customers?  

Focus on the storytelling. 

What makes YOU unique? What’s YOUR unique point of view? What’s YOUR unique value proposition? 

Focus on that and have something interesting to say with what you do. What makes you, you? If you lean into that, you’re going to create authentic connections with people who align with your story and want to buy wine from you for life.  

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Paige Comrie

Paige Comrie, the engaging voice behind @winewithpaige, is a wine influencer who connects audiences with unique wine experiences through compelling storytelling.

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