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Create & Cultivate Napa Retreat: Women running million-dollar businesses fill their entrepreneurial glass with more than wine

Less than 2 percent of women-owned businesses generate over $1 million annually. The Create & Cultivate Napa Retreat brought the boss women together.

Jaclyn Johnson Founder of Create and Cultivate and Marina Middleton Co-Founder and CEO of Create and Cultivate on day two of the Napa Retreat.

Less than 2 percent of women-owned businesses generate over $1 million annually.

The Seven Figure Founder Retreat, hosted by Create & Cultivate media company for women in business, brought pioneering women who are hitting the mark to Napa last weekend. Geared toward women banking in or projected to generate seven figures in revenue, the women CEOs and visionaries gathered at OneHope Winery for a three-day retreat to fill their entrepreneurial glasses with more than Napa wine and Champagne.  

More than 70 women, united by their entrepreneurial spirit, came together for a weekend of mentorship, wellness activities and educational sessions to address the challenges women face in business.

“These women came together to connect, learn, and grow, both personally and professionally,” Marina Middleton, co-founder and CEO of Create and Cultivate, told the Napa Valley News Group. The three days were filled with heartfelt stories, valuable advice and plenty of laughter and tears, she added.

The founder of Create & Cultivate, Jaclyn Johnson, who is based in Napa, saw this event as an opportunity to connect with the local community by choosing local venues and partners.

Johnson and Middleton founded Create and Cultivate more than a decade ago with a mission to connect and empower women in business or those looking to “level up their business and give it financial facelift.” Martha Stewart and Ashely Graham have been a part of their A-list lineup of panelists at events held across the country. 

Some notable attendees at the Napa retreat included Arian Simone Founder of Fearless Funds, a venture capital fund focused on helping women of color on their investing journey, and Tori Dunlap, CEO and founder of Her First 100k.

Women’s partnerships across industries is another pillar for Create and Cultivate leaders. For last week’s event, they tapped into women in wine, which led them to OneHope Winery. 

The “strong female leaders at the helm of OneHope Winery” resonated deeply with Cultivate’s own missions and the partnership was a no-brainer, Middleton said. 

“Create & Cultivate is synonymous with being a female entrepreneur,” said Jessy Fofana, founder and CEO of LaRue, who led a workshop on PR and affiliate marketing. It’s a great way to give back and reach other women, said Fofana, whose firm also sponsored the event. 

Jessy Fofana, founder and CEO of LaRue, leading the PR & marketing workshop on day two of the three-day retreat.

Founder retreats across the country bring entrepreneurs, influencers, content creators and operators together. Miami is the next destination for the Six Figure Founder Retreat in September.